Warranty Information

Warranty and liability in the case of defects 

In all nations which apply EU law, the common conditions for warranty/liability for material defects apply. Please inform yourself about the applicable national regulations in your specific country. Under EU law, the seller accepts liability for material defects for at least two years after the date of sale. This also covers defects which already existed at the time of sale. Bicycles are complex vehicles. Therefore it is required to implement all service intervals properly. Omitting servicing puts the claim of the seller at risk if the error could have been avoided by servicing. The necessary maintenance is outlined in this manual and in the instructions from the component manufacturers.

Liability for material defects does not cover normal wear occurring from the product’s intended purpose. Components in the motor and deceleration system as well as tires, light system and contact points of the rider with the bicycle are all subject to use-related wear. Please consult the respective warranty terms for more information on the conditions of these and of any possible claims under these.

In the case of a defect/possible liability claim, please contact your specialist retailer. 

We recommend filing all purchase receipts and inspection reports as proof for your records.

 Warranty Terms

Vitus warrants – under the terms and conditions outlined below – the Vitus product to which this warranty applies to be exempt from material or manufacturing defects. The warranty is the purchaser’s protection against manufacturing defects, and it replaces all previous warranties, declarations or promises made in writing or verbally.

Conditions and Term of Warranty

All Vitus frames and framesets purchased from an authorised Vitus retailer or distributor are guaranteed for five (5) years. The warranty term begins with the original date of purchase. The original dated sales invoice or other dated proof of purchase is required. The warranty applies to the original purchaser only.

Warranty Validation

The warranty covers only defects of materials and manufacturing arising under normal conditions. The following, without limitation, are not covered under the warranty:

  • Products having reached the end of it’s useful life cycle
  • Product defects arising from accidents, or oxidation perforation due to severe winter climate and salted roads
  • Modifications not advised or approved by Vitus
  • Neglect, abuse or improper use, or lack of reasonable maintenance
  • Incorrect or incomplete assembly, or use of incorrect parts

Paint Guarantee

Paint is guaranteed for one (1) year from the original date of purchase.


Non-Vitus parts are covered by the warranties specific to the respective brands. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to have his or her bicycle inspected and verified.


A limited one year cover is provided for suspension pivot bearings.

Repair or Replacement

Vitus will replace or repair, at it’s discretion, any defective product, without charge, through it’s specified retailers.

Warranty Claims

​Please visit the relevant warranty page below, selecting the retailer that you purchased from.


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