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Do you have torque Settings for your Suspension Frames?

Yes, all our bikes will come with all suspension and linkage bolts torqued to the correct settings however we recommend you check these from time to time. Using a torque wrench follow the recommended settings for your frame platform listed below;

Sommet 2021 Onwards
Escarpe 2021 Onwards
Mythique 2023
Rapide FS 2021 Onwards
Dominer 297 2023
E-Sommet 2021 Onwards
E-Escarpe 2023
E-Mythique LT 2023


Does my bike come with pedals?

Yes, when you purchase a Vitus bike through one of our retailer partners they will be supplied with a set of plastic pedals to get you going.

How will my bike arrive?

All Vitus bikes purchased from our retail partners Wiggle and Chain Reaction Cycles are given a PDI (Pre Delivery Inspection) so that there is minimal set up required when your new bike arrives. To find out more details on this please visit our retail partners website;

Chain Reaction Delivery Information

Wiggle Delivery Information

Can I get a vitus bike in my country?

Vitus bikes are available world wide through our exclusive retail partners Wiggle and Chain Reaction Cycles. For a full list of countries our retailes ship too please check out the shipping guidance on our retailers websites.

Chain Reaction Delivery Information

Wiggle Delivery Information

Do You Ship E-Bikes Worldwide?

Currently our retail partners only ship E-Bikes to the UK and Europe. We are working hard alongside our retailers to open this up to more countries in the future.

Does my bike come with Warranty?

We believe in the quality of our bikes. This is why we offer a 5-year warranty on all our frames. On top of that we also offer an extended 2-year warranty on all components excluding wear and tear items such as bearings, brake pads, chains & cassettes etc. Our Warranty policy applies to the original owner and processed by our exclusive retail partners.

Where can I buy touch up paint for my bike?

We have partnered up with paint specialist G-Paint to offer touchp paints for popular Vitus models. These can be bought direct from G-Paint's website HERE.

I have chip marks on my chainstay, why?

This is most likely caused by either ‘chain slap’ or ‘chain suck’ 

‘Chain slap’ is when the chain has bounced up and down on rough terrain and made contact with the chain stay, which may damage paintwork. If using Shimano, ensure your ‘clutch’ is activated on the mech as this makes a massive difference to controlling the chain. We recommend ensuring the high-risk area along the top of the chain stay is covered by the frame protection supplied with the bike, however riders riding rough terrain on Enduro or DH trails may require additional protection. Some of our pro riders looking for a silent bike use a widely available stick on rubber product called 3M Mastic tape. We also recommend keeping the chain clean and using only light or dry lube when used with a narrow-wide chainring to ensure the drivetrain is working efficiently. You could also be seeing the effects of chain suck –  

Please refer to the FAQ on chain suck for more detail on the causes and how to avoid chain suck. 

I am experiencing chain suck on my bike, why?

This may occur when the chain fails to disengage from the teeth of a chainring, by sticking to the tooth of the chainring as it continues to turn and wrapping back up and between the chainring and chain stay. We recommend keeping the chain clean and using only light or dry lube when used with a narrow-wide chainring. There is a possibility that if you pedal backward in 1st gear, the chain may drop to 3rd or 4th gear leading to chain suck, also if the B Tension adjustment is not correct, this jamming issue becomes worse. This may lead to damaged jockey wheel teeth and damage to CS yoke. We recommend that you try and avoid repeated back pedaling especially in 1st gear, always selecting a gear that matches your speed. This way if you must pedal backward to clear an obstacle, your chain is less likely to drop out the cassette.

When I back pedal in 1st gear my chain drops, why?

This is common on bikes that have 1X gearing and large range cassette (46T+). If you repeatedly back pedal, the angle on the chain is such that the chain may drop down the cassette to 3rd or 4th gear. The chain will then lose tension and if you back pedal more, the chain may bunch up near the chainring and drop between the chainring and the frame (known as ‘chain suck’). 

1st gear should be used when climbing steep terrain and we recommend that when trail riding you should change gears as you build some speed, so you are in a ‘useful’ gear relative to your rolling speed. 

Can I fit a chain guide on my Vitus Mythique?

The Vitus Mythique Chain Guide is compatible with the Vitus Mythique from 2020 - onwards. This is to add support over rougher terrain to ensure the chain remains in full contact with the chainring.

You can Purchase this from our exclusive retailers, Wiggle and Chain Reaction.

The battery door on my E-Sommet seems to be bowing, how can I fix this?

If your battery door is bowing in the middle its possible that the bolts 3 door bolts are adding a compression load causing it to bow. You can fix this by using our guide found HERE. We are working on an alternative and more permanent solution to this, which will be communicated to our customers.

There's play in the lower shock mount on my E-Sommet?

 We have become aware of some Vitus riders experiencing ‘play’ or ‘knocking’ in the lower shock mount.

If your bike is new and has seen little use it is likely that the lower shock bolt has been insufficiently tightened and is allowing the shock hardware to move as it may not be clamped tightly in the frame.

It is very possible that you have checked the bolt and it ‘feels tight’ but due to the design of the E-Sommet frame and the particularly stiff lower mount quite a high torque of 25NM is required along with a greased bolt head and threads . This is tighter than would be required on other Vitus suspension bikes.

If you are experiencing play, don’t have a torque wrench and aren’t sure if you have achieved the required torque, then we recommend using a good quality Allen key (not a multi tool as it can be difficult to apply enough leverage) and tightening the bolt a further 1/4 turn at a time and checking after each 1/4 turn that the play is gone.

As soon as the play is not present, your shock bolt is tight enough and you can go ride!


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