The All New E-Sommet

Further, Faster, Longer. Our new E-Sommet is a hard hitting E-enduro bike built for going downhill fast. With an efficient Shimano motor to get you back to the top of the trail head ready for your next shred. More Power Than You.

Frame Travel: 167mm
Intended Use: All-Mountain/Enduro/Freeride
Wheel Size: 29 F/27.5" R
Frame Material: 6061-T6 Aluminium
Motor: Shimano EP8 or E7000
Battery: Shimano Internal - Frame compatible with 630wh or 504wh internal battery


Our all new E-Sommet is a 170mm big hitting E-Enduro Bike, featuring a redesigned integrated battery frame design to work seamlessly with the Shimano STEPS system. We've revamped the geometry and improved the suspension kinematics to ensure the E-Sommet is ready for when you point it down. Our all new E-Sommet can do everything you can do on your Enduro bike but just more of it... All the benefits of a large travel Enduro bike with the assistance on the way back up. Same effort, same time, more trails.

Internal Battery Frame Design

The much loved E-Sommet is now updated with an integrated battery design, incorporating all aspects of the system within the frame. Engineers designed a battery door on the bottom of the downtube, and by adding strength in key areas and placing cutout on flat surface it ensured the frame retained all the riding performance.

Updated Geometry

We have updated the geometry to give a more confidence inspiring ride. The main key changes are slacker head angles and reduced BB drop to aid technical climbing. We have also steepened the effective seat tube angle and made it progressively steeper as you go up the size range, this ensures that each frame size has an optimal sagged saddle position with no compromise.


By measuring saddle height at saddle lay back we looked at the position of the saddle relative to the bottom bracket to ensure when the bike was in sag you had an optimal pedaling position. The reason we steepened the seat angle on the larger frame sizes was to ensure that the saddle layback wasn't too far behind the bottom bracket.

Bigger Battery = More Range

A Larger 630Wh battery with the EP8 which has 36% less pedaling resistance versus the E8000 ensures you get more out of the battery with greater range. Combining this with the enhanced frame performance ensures you enjoy every segment.

*(VR: E7000 504Wh) (VRS: EP8 630Wh) (VRX EP8 630Wh)

Shimano EP8 Motor

EP8 sees the introduction of a new Magnesium housing, offering greater assistance on a wide range, weighing 10% less than the previous E8000, and 20% more torque going from 70Nm to 85Nm allowing you to take on the steepest climbs and toughest trails with traction and control. Paired with the E8036 630Wh integrated battery, the EP8 is ideally suited to the purpose of the E-Sommet.

Internal Cable Routing

Block Lock ICR Acros headset allows neater cable management through the headset, with the block feature limiting the handlebar rotation to ensure your frame/bars are protected.

Frame Design Features

Updated Suspension Kinematics

We have gone with the same fixed lower shock mount as the Sommet & Escarpe, this also allowed us to refine the suspension kinematics. An improved consistent progressive leverage curve gives a more consistent feel, support and damping.

Leverage Rate: We've straightened out the curve on the E-Sommet vs the 2020 versions and increased the progressivity from 8% to 25%. This change improves small bump sensitivity and mid stroke support. The increase in progression also helps with end stroke control and allows better compatibility with coil shocks.

Anti Squat: We reduced the Anti-Squat to work alongside the improved leverage curve with increased mid-stroke support. High Anti-Squat can have a negative effect on suspension performance and was the main reason we lowered the Anti-Squat %.

Anti Rise: Anti rise % has been reduced in the beginning stages of the travel, this prevents the bike from pitching forwards on steeper trails and gives a more balanced feel when braking. Suspension will still stay active when braking because of the low (50%) Anti-rise and horst link suspension design.



Frame Size S M L XL
Rec Rider Height (Imperial) 5' 2" - 5' 6" 5' 6" - 5' 10" 5' 10" - 6' 2" 6' 2" - 6' 7"
Rec Rider Height (Metric) 160 - 170cm 170 - 180cm 180 - 190cm 190 - 201cm
Rec Inside Leg (Imperial) 27" - 30" 30" - 32" 32" - 34" 34" - 37"
Rec Inside Leg (Metric) 71 - 76cm 76 - 81cm 81 - 86cm 86 - 94cm
Standover Height 840mm 842mm 849mm 863mm
(A) Seat Tube Length 380mm 410mm 440mm 480mm
(B) Effective Top Tube Length 581mm 601mm 624mm 648mm
(C) Reach 430mm 450mm 478mm 505mm
(D) Stack 645mm 645mm 649mm 658mm
(E) Chainstay Length 442mm 442mm 442mm 442mm
(F) Headtube length 115mm 115mm 120mm 130mm
(G) Headtube Angle 64° 64° 64° 64°
(H) Effective Seat Tube Angle 77° 77° 77.5° 78°
(I) Actual Seat Tube Angle 71° 71° 71.5° 72°
(J) Saddle Layback 146.65 163.01 172.79 188.84
(K) BB to Saddle Height at Saddle Layback 650 700 750 800
Wheelbase 1217mm 1235mm 1267mm 1298mm
Bottom Bracket Drop 35mm 35mm 35mm 35mm
Headset 55/65 28.6 55/65 28.6 55/65 28.6 55/65 28.6
Chain Device ISCG-05 ISCG-05 ISCG-05 ISCG-05
Rear Axle 180mm*13mm. M12xP1.0 180mm*13mm. M12xP1.0 180mm*13mm. M12xP1.0 180mm*13mm. M12xP1.0
Handlebar Width/Rise 780mm/12mm 780mm/12mm 800mm/25mm 800mm/25mm
Shock Size 205*65 205*65 205*65 205*65
Max. Rear Tyre Clearance 2.5" 2.5" 2.5" 2.5"
Seatpost Dropper travel 125mm 150mm 170mm 170mm
Seatpost Diameter 31.6mm 31.6mm 31.6mm 31.6mm
Seatpost Insert Depth 220mm 220mm 250mm 275mm

E-Sommet Range

  • E-Sommet VR
  • E-Sommet VRS
  • E-Sommet VRX

E-Sommet VR


  • X-Fusion Trace RC 29” 170mm/X-Fusion Pro O2 Rear Shock suspension
  • Shimano E7000 Motor with 504wh internal battery
  • Shimano 1x11spd M5100 Deore Drivetrain
  • WTB ST Light Rims
  • Maxxis Assegai/High Roller II Tyres
  • Brand-X Ascend Dropper

    GBP: 3599.99 EURO: 4199.99

E-Sommet VRS


  • Rockshox ZEB Select RC 29 170mm/Rockshox Super Deluxe Select R Suspension
  • Shimano EP8 Motor
  • Shimano E8036 630wh Internal Battery
  • Shimano 1x12spd M7100 SLX Drivetrain
  • DT Swiss H1900 Wheels Maxxis Assegai/High Roller II Tyres
  • Brand-X Ascend Dropper

    GBP: 4799.99 EURO: 5499.99 - Available January 2021  


E-Sommet VRX


  • Rockshox ZEB Ultimate RC2 29” 170mm/Rockshox Super Deluxe Select+
  • Shimano EP8 Motor
  • Shimano E8036 630wh Internal Battery
  • Shimano 1x12spd M8100 XT Drivetrain
  • DT Swiss H1700 Wheels Maxxis Assegai/High Roller II Tyres
  • Brand-X Ascend Dropper

    GBP: 5499.99 EURO: 6299.99 - Available January 2021