Vitus Bikes Stock Availability

Thanks for being excited about Vitus, we hope to get you riding a new bike soon! We're working hard on restocking our bikes with our retail partners, Wiggle and Chain Reaction Cycles, and want to bring you the most up-to-date information we have to inform your purchase.

We continue to experience unprecedented demand, which means that our most popular models are selling out very quickly once they arrive with our retailers. We really appreciate the support for our bikes and are happy to see so many people enjoying the sport we love.

We will update this page each week so if the bike you are waiting on is not included below, this does not mean it won't be in stock again, please continue to check this page regularly. *We advise that you use this information for guidance only and set stock alerts with our retailers, checking junk folders, and taking measures to check the product page of the bike you want as frequently as possible as stock drop are always subject to change due to unforseen circumstances. 


Bikes Arriving W/C November 7th 2022

Escarpe 27.5 CR
Escarpe 29 CRX
E-Sommet VR
E-Substance Carbon
Rapide FS CRX
Sommet 29 CR
Sommet 29 CRX
Sommet 297 CR

Bikes Arriving in the next 4 weeks*

Energie 24 CX
Energie VR
Energie VRS
Escarpe 29 CR
Escarpe 29 CRX
E-Sommet VR
E-Sommet VRX
Mach 1 One
Mach 1 Seven
Mach 1 Three
Mach 3 VR
Mach 3 VRS
Mach 3 VRX
Mach E
Mythique 27 VR
Mythique 27 VRS
Mythique 27 VRX
Mythique 29 VR
Mythique 29 VRS
Nucleus 24 Kids
Nucleus 26 Kids
Nucleus 27 VR
Nucleus 27 VRS
Nucleus 27 VRW
Nucleus 29 VR
Nucleus 29 VRS
Rapide VR
Razor 24 Road
Razor Disc
Razor Disc Flat Bar
Razor Disc Womens
Razor VR Disc
Razor Womens
Sentier 27 VR
Sentier 27 VRS
Sentier 29 VR
Sommet 29 CR
Sommet 297 CRX
Substance 2
Substance CRS-2
Substance V-2
Substance V-2 Flat Bar
Substance VR-2
Substance VRS-1
Substance VRS-1 HT
Zenium CR
Zenium CRS