A real challenge to the status quo - Vitus powers Team Spectra

Building a team from the ground up in a little over 3 months isn’t an easy feat, especially when the world is returning from a global pandemic, a worldwide shortage of bikes and components, and couple that with a desire to do things differently the story behind spectra isn’t that of normal dawn for a cycling team. 

Spectra, the new UK-based team has long-term ambitions on a world stage taking on the perceived wisdom by starting as a gender-balanced and fully multi-discipline. General manager and long-time Vitus ambassador Bruce Dalton pairs with former operations head honcho at Vitus Pro cycling to bring their love of riding all types of bikes into a fully focused performance team. Based at their Spectra Den in the Peak District we’re powering the team and their 12 strong rider line up for the next few years and we can’t wait to support their real grassroots approach to rebalancing cycling.  

The team vision was born out of a belief that all of performance cycling is complimentary; Watts per kilo and skills are cross-compatible and fans love the same riders competing across different disciplines. For too long we’d had segregated cycling teams; women’s road teams, men’s XC teams. Spectra aims to be a team that transcends disciplines and genders, starting with grassroots development into a worldwide multi-discipline gender-balanced superpower.

There's a palpable buzz at Vitus HQ around this partnership as Vitus Brand Marketing Manager, Alex James says “Vitus are excited to be working with a team that’s going out with the intention of doing something different within cycling. As a brand, we are keen to support real racing, and are looking forward to seeing the team compete across a variety of disciplines on our bikes “ 

The team will soon share details of all the Models of Vitus bikes they’ll be using as they Road Race, Gravel epic, Mountain bike, Zwift, and cyclocross all over the UK and Europe. The team includes former CX national champ Ian Field, Zwift world number 1 Chris McGlinchey, Former MTB National Champion Beth Crumpton, and recent UCI cross winner Amira Mellor.   

Team line up 

Beth Crumpton 

Abbie Taylor 

Hannah Larbiester 

Hannah Payton

Xan Crees (U23)

Amira Mellor (U23) - 

Mikey Mottram

Ian Field

Ben Chilton (U23)

Dan Barnes (U23)

Bruce Dalton (B)

Chris McGlinchey (B)

We couldn’t be more proud to work with Spectra on developing bikes for real racers for the next few seasons to make our products better and faster. Jodie Shann, Vitus Road Product Manager echoes this by saying "I'm so excited that we're doing something different this year and think Spectra has a really interesting and fresh new approach to racing bikes. As always, we'll be using the team to help us develop new bikes and test new ideas, bringing these to our customers". 

To bring the excitement of this launch to our community, even more, we're celebrating the launch of Team Spectra Racing by giving away an Energie EVO CRS. For your chance to win the bike that the Team will race in the CX World Cup this winter, Enter Here!