Vitus touch up paint

Vitus Bikes Touch Up Paint from GPaint

Wear and tear happens, but it doesn't necessarily need to be permanent. Vitus is proud to announce we've partnered with GPaint to offer tough, durable color-matched touch up paint for many of our bikes.

GPaint is available in the US and UK and is starting with 12 touch up paints with a further 15 in the works. Vitus has shared color samples for most of the models we've produced in the past several years, so keep an eye out for touch up paint in your colorway if it's not there yet. 

Started by paint expert Andrew Griffiths, the company is an expert source specializing in creating touch up paint specifically for use on bicycles. Our bikes are meant to be ridden, which means scratches, dings, and chips are all but inevitable — now, they don't need to be permanent. 




Vitus bike touc up paint from GPaint