Vitus First Tracks Enduro Cup


Finally, we are back racing! After a long break, Northern Ireland sees its first enduro race weekend with the first two rounds of Vitus First Tracks Enduro Cup in Bigwood, Newry.

Although capped to 200 riders and restrictions applied to spectators being able to attend, the event and challenging conditions on day one are met with enthusiasm by riders just stoked to be racing, and the smiles along with good vibes are back at Bigwood.

Vitus Sommet at Vitus First Tracks Enduro Cup

Gary Donaldson of Vitus First Tracks Race Division - Photo: Alpizar Zhuravlev

This first welcomed installment of racing saw a restructure to the running order with two races, one per day, each with approximately 14km, +500m climb, and the same descent. Each day totaled four stages, for a total of nearly 30km and +1000m, with eight stages across the weekend. 

Photo: Alpizar Zhuravlev

Results Round 1

Pro Men

1st Gavin O Connell (Team Worc) 9:11.45

2nd Ben Irwin (Mech Monkey) 9:13.18 +0:01.73

3rd Chris Brown (Norms Bikes) 9:17.39 +0:05.94

4th Gary Donaldson (Vitus First Tracks Race Division) 9:24.83 +0:13.38

5th Christopher McGlinchey (Vitus Pro Cycling P/B Brother UK) 9:30.17 +0:18.72


Pro Women

1st Leah Maunsell 11:19.75

2nd Hannah Mullin (Speciliazed Ireland / Gortin MTB) 11:25.64 +0:05.89

3rd Hannah Harvey (Chain Reaction Cycles Belfast) 12:03.06 +0:43.31

4th Cat Brady 13:20.58 +2:00.83

5th Brigitte Egan 13:27.50 +2:07.75

 Riders at Vitus First Tracks Enduro Cup checking run times

Riders check their times after stage one - Photo: Alpizar Zhuravlev


 Photo: Alpizar Zhuravlev

As the weather improved across the weekend, sections were boasting prime racing conditions, and the end of stage four on day two was met by fist pumps and smiles all round. Leaving the event, there was a feeling of appreciation to have racing back and a thirst for more!

Results Round 2

Pro Men

1st. Ben Irwin Mech Monkey 8:16.46

2nd. Gary DonaldsonInstagram Vitus First Tracks Race Division 8:21.05 +0:04.59

3rd. Chris Brown Norms Bikes Senior Men (21-29) 8:28.16 +0:11.70

4th. Gavin O Connell Team Worc Senior Men (21-29) 8:34.25 +0:17.79

5th. Christopher McGlinchey Vitus Pro Cycling P/B Brother UK 8:42.12 +0:25.66


Pro Women

1st. Leah Maunsell 9:48.01

2nd. Hannah Harvey Chain Reaction Cycles Belfast 10:22.16 +0:34.15

3rd. Hannah Mullin Speciliazed Ireland / Gortin MTB 10:33.05 +0:45.04

4th. Cat BradyInstagram 11:39.80 +1:51.79

5th. Brigitte Egan 12:09.62 +2:21.61

Vitus First Tracks Enduro Cup

Back to the Race Village - Photo: Alpizar Zhuravlev


Header Image photo credit: Industry Images 


First Tracks Enduro Cup