We’re back racing! The first two rounds of the Vitus First Tracks Enduro Cup kick off this weekend and to celebrate we’re catching up with another member of the Vitus First Tracks Race Division.

Bringing some girl power to the group and her own chilled but methodical approach, Catherine O'Brien or Cato, is a talent on a bike who’s no stranger all day epics. Like Cato and the rest of the team, we're excited to see racing back! Make sure you check out the day as we get rowdy in round 1 and 2 this weekend over on our Instagram.

What’s your favorite cycling memory? 

Top of the World in Whistler was a really memorable day with great friends – a tick off the bucket list for me! It truly is the Mecca for MTB and it's got something for everyone, an amazing place!

When out on your bike, what’re your three essentials?  

Pretty simple set up for me. A Snack, Pump & Multi-tool (and good company!).

If you had to pick one place to go cycling in the world, where would it be and why?

Probably some sort of big epic adventure in Nepal – love big days out on the bike exploring somewhere different – this would be amazing! Might need an e-bike for all the climbs though. 

Favorite local trail and why? 

The Bridge Run in Tollymore – some days I ride it well, some days I don’t – but it’s always a personal challenge I enjoy and something to improve on every time. I'm really lucky to live close to so many great trails and Northern Ireland has some gems!

What do you think the future holds for cycling?

I am starting to see a lot more women getting into cycling which is great. Lockdown seems to have had a really positive effect as well – so many people either buying bikes or pulling their old ones out of the back of the shed and getting them fixed up – great to see them getting out there and having fun!

Vitus First Tracks Rider

Who got you into cycling?

One of my closest friends – who I still cycle with today. She also suggested I booked Glyn, the founding member of First Tracks for a lesson, look where that got me!

What Vitus bikes do you currently ride?

Vitus Sommet 27 CRS, Vitus Rapide CRX, Vitus Venon L, Vitus E-Sommet. Across the range, you guys are nailing it! 

What’s your go-to music for riding / who’s on your riding playlist?

 An eclectic mix  - could be anything from Faithless, The weekend, Billie Eilish to Babel, suppose it's really down to what I'm riding that day but f there's good company, there are no tunes needed. 
Vitus First Tracks

When not out on your bike what other forms of exercise do you like doing?

Apart from the gym, over lockdown I started yoga – It has made a huge difference to my mobility and recovery – especially after longer rides.

Any tips for riders just getting into cycling?

Just enjoy the craic (fun), relax and the rest will come – you will meet so many new people all willing to give you tips and advice! You'll make memories to last a lifetime.

Vitus Sommet and First Tracks rider