What makes biking great, is the adventures and memories you make with friends and loved ones, whether you're traveling around trail centers, packing up a camper to go on a grand tour, or hitting your local for an all-day epic. We love seeing these memories being made by our community, as stories and experiences are shared, we see the enjoyment of our bikes through your eyes.

We want to continue inspiring you to make more memories as we chat with Vitus Ambassadors Wolf Pack Adventures to see what they've been getting up to over these past few months. Alex and Amanda like many of us have found a new appreciation of riding and are all about traveling and having a great time on their bikes.

"Hey! Amanda here from Wolfpack Adventures. I wanted to give you a little update on our adventures so far this year, it’s been a little different from previous years, that's for sure! We were due to head out to mainland Europe in the motorhome in early July, but as luck would have it, I broke my collarbone which meant we had to delay our plans by two long months (made to feel even longer after months and months of lockdown!)."

"...So when I recovered from my injury and was healthy enough to travel, we headed straight out to Zermatt in Switzerland for the first round of the EWS. Zermatt, known for the iconic Matterhorn mountain, is a very unique place and is completely car-free. As soon as we arrived, we parked the motorhome up in a lovely little campsite in Täsch and caught the train up to Zermatt.

 The first couple of days we were there, the weather was beautiful, hot and sunny. We spent our time meeting up with friends we hadn’t seen all year and walking some of the EWS tracks Alex would be racing over the weekend. I’d made the hard decision that Zermatt wasn’t the best place to regain confidence from a crash, (due to the rocky technical nature of the trails there) but Alex got out to enjoy some of the tracks that weren’t in the race."

"Sounds such a relaxing start to our travels, right? Well … a storm was brewing. The storm itself rolled in FAST. Angry grey clouds accompanied by thunder and lightning arriving just in time for the EWS race...Hello, Enduro ‘Wet’ Series, 2020 version. Anyways, I’ll get Alex to tell you a little about how that went!" 

 “The EWS in Zermatt was a race I want to forget about. After the constant updates and changes to the schedule, it was hard for any racer to be in the right frame of mind - not forgetting just how blown out and technical the tracks had become to the weather!

I can’t even remember where I finished the race - I was just happy to have survived, healthy to continue the rest of our European trip.”

"After the EWS finished, we decided to head straight to Morzine; our ‘home away from home.’ I was super keen to ride... and we needed somewhere to wash and dry all clothes. Literally, everything we owned was either covered in mud or dripping wet! Morzine was great fun and I regained a ton of confidence practicing the jumps in Les Gets. (we made a video in case you didn’t catch it)"

"We rode until the end of the summer season, laps upon laps, and ate probably too many burgers at Ô Chalet. We then hit the road and headed south down to Finale Ligure for some well earned time on the beach… and the final two rounds of the Enduro World Series. At this point, I was stoked, I couldn’t wait to get to the beach, eat Italian pizza and gelato... and ride some fast Finale-style trails!"

"Finale Ligure is so full of amazing rocky, fast, technical trails. I definitely recommend doing a day’s uplift with a guide if you’re in the area - which is what we did. Alex did a full day uplifting in Pietra Ligure with Ride On Noli. I then did a full day’s riding the classic Finale Ligure trails with Finale Bikers. We both had similar experiences… amazing long, non-stop fast trails, separated with a local lunch break in some of the best restaurants in the area (the kind of places only the locals know to exist!).

When we weren’t riding, we hung out at the beach with friends or sat in tiny little Italian coffee shops drinking espressos and latte macchiato, oh so local! And of course, indulging in the Italian aperitivo, basically, if you go out for drinks in the evening, they give you free snacks...#Ideal."

"We had beautiful weather the whole time we were out there... until the next round of the EWS rolled around, haha. Here we go again! The last 2 rounds of the EWS were not the best for Alex, starting with a puncture in Pietra."

"Straight after the last round of the EWS in Finale Ligure, we decided to head back to the UK. I had a hospital appointment to see how my collarbone was getting on, so we drove straight to the Channel Tunnel and got home in two days flat! 

It was an awesome six-week trip, even if the whole year got flipped on its head. We’re back home in Innerleithen right now, already planning out our next adventure.


So stay tuned and we’ll keep you updated ;) 


Amanda & Alex 

Wolfpack Adventures."


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